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  • How safe it is to live in the nearby areas of any operating refinery?

    The safety standards followed in this refinery and petrochemical project would also meet the most stringent standards followed worldwide. The most advanced facilities would be provided for fire protection and coastal safety for the marine facilities. Similarly, the security in the entire area would also be substantially enhanced because of this project. Therefore, there is no safety and security threat for the region and its population from the project.

  • If working in the refinery or living in the adjoining areas affects the health of a person?

    Refineries have been operating successfully in thickly populated areas all over the world and more specifically, in India for several decades. There has not been any noticeable impact on the health of the employees who operate the refineries or the citizens who live nearby.

  • Do operating refineries disturb the fishing and marine activities in the adjoining areas?

    It may be mentioned that refineries are located on the coastal towns in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha & West Bengal. There has been no impact on any fishing or marine activities in these regions as well. On the other hand, these regions have seen tremendous development.

  • Do Refineries have any negative impact on environment?

    Refineries and Petrochemical projects are operating all over the world in many major cities for several decades. With the strict controls, there is minimal impact on the environment or the population or the crops which are grown in and around the area. A country like Singapore which is recognized as one of the best places to live and work in the world, has more than 70 million tonne refining capacity along with petrochemical projects. This is because of the strict emission norms being adhered to by the refiners. It may be mentioned that in the Indian refineries, there are several cases where the Refinery ponds are the breeding locations for several Siberian birds which regularly migrate to refinery ponds in Mathura, Barauni, Kochi etc. which indicates the excellent quality of air and water within the refinery premises.