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How to be part of RRPCL

Plenty of opportunities would be there for Downstream Manufacturing Industries and Service Providers, Consulting and technology partners and various sections of business community like Suppliers, Transporters, and Industrialists etc. to get associated with this large project.

The planning stage of the project shall require various Refinery Design and Technology, Project Management, HR and IT consultants, Implementation Partners in respective domains.

There is a tremendous scope for Vendors and Contractors to get engaged in this project for supply of Refinery and Petrochemical equipment, construction and building material, various tools and construction equipments like cranes etc., for material handling and warehousing services, for support services for operation and maintenance of Refinery, Petrochemical and Utilities Plants and for transportation services in building of Refinery and Petrochemical Plant of such a large scale.

Apart from above, a project of such magnitude require various subsidiary services like food supply, Catering, Medical services, horticulture, Communication like Couriers, Banks and commercial establishments, Training agencies, Skill development companies, Security agencies, Office assistance and maintenance etc.

Commissioning of Refinery & Petrochemical Plant later would attract downstream petrochemicals producers, Industries for SBR, PBR, Isoprene, hydrocarbon resin etc. based on Petrochemical feedstock from RRPCL, BOO Operators for Utilities, Industrial Gases to be part of this mega project.

More downstream industries can be set up using petrochemical feedstock like Polypropylene, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, MEG, DEG, PVC, Ethylene, Propylene Rubber, SAP, Butyle Acrylate ,Ethyl, Hexyll, Acrylate, N-Butanol, I-Butanol, Benzene, PTA, Sulphuric Acid etc.

Above all

  • Opportunities for local people participation in the construction and operational phase
  • RRPCL would attract various technology and business partners from other parts of country and offshore countries to setup their branch offices in vicinity of RRPCL.
Opportunities for Consultants
  • Refinery Design
  • Technology
  • Project Management
  • IT
  • HR
Opportunities for Vendors
  • Supply of Construction Material
  • Supply of tools and equipments
  • Warehousing service
  • Support service for plant maintenance
  • Transportation services
Subsidiary Services
  • Food supply
  • Medical Services
  • Training
  • Banks
  • Security