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Huge employment opportunities

Investments made both in the refining and petrochemicals space will boost entrepreneurship and employment, both directly and indirectly. While thousands of people will be employed during construction to commissioning of the complex, the employment opportunities in the allied industries, especially in the diverse downstream segments, will have a positive impact on hundreds and thousands of lives.

This project will also be a catalyst to provide several new business opportunities besides employment for the local population

The commissioning of Refinery and Petrochemical stage would generate huge employment in following areas –

  • Construction
  • Downstream Industries
  • Transportation
  • Skill development and training
  • Maintenance
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Tourism
  • Security
  • IT Services
  • Medical Services
  • Financial services
  • Communication
  • Entertainment


This would also inspire the return of several of the local populations who have migrated to other parts of the country and world and who aspire to get back to their roots and home land.

  • Boost entrepreneurship and employment

  • Opportunity for employment for thousands of people during construction phase
  • Employment opportunities in allied industries
  • Hundreds of people would be required in Hospitality & Service industries, Tourism, Education & Skill development

  • Women empowerment amongst the local population
  • New business opportunities besides employment for the local population

  • Opportunity for local youth settled outside to come back to their homeland