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Women empowerment

The opportunities for traditional cottage industry and women empowerment amongst the local population will be enhanced substantially. Already there are several cases of women entrepreneurs in the areas such as tailoring, beauticians, nursing, catering etc. who have emerged around the refineries set up in India.

Under the CSR initiatives, there are examples of Refineries having set up the Professional Nursing courses for young girls so as to provide job opportunities to in reputed Government and private hospitals.

Also, Refineries drive Women Hygiene drive for adolescent girls and women to make them aware of health and hygiene practices by educating them and giving proper training and distribute sanitary pads with a aim to improve the health and hygiene of adolescent girls.

Many industries and subsidiary services shall require women from local colleges and universities and from all sections of society to get engaged in skill development training centers, Tourism, Hospitals and health Centers, entertainment, IT and financial services thereby empowering the women.

  • Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women empowerment through CSR initiatives activities for Women
  • Awareness drives and educating Women in health and hygiene practices
Opportunities for Women in the field of
  • In the technical field of local Industries
  • Skill development Centers
  • Hospitals and Health Centers
  • Entertainment
  • IT and Financial Services